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Sad days for Slovakia

Sad days for Slovakia

After the recent event in Boston, during the 117th Annual Marathon, the President of Slovak Republic M. Gasparovic  wrote an open letter to M. Obama regarding the media impact of this public attack, begging him to use his censorship powers.

Indeed, according to the firsts video available on all channels, one of the bomb unfortunately detonated right in front the Slovak National Flag.

Already unknown by 89 % of the World population, Slovakia was hoping in this year to promote itself through her European Capital of Culture, Kosice. Nicer days coming back and only 50 kilometers from Vienna, this attack could have dramatic consequences on the local economy, tourism this year and political stability.

Later on, Slovakia was joined by Russia (suffering already of the Pussy Riot scandal), South Africa (regaining of racism), Spain (already in deep economical crisis) and Sweden (suffering of nothing but we never know…)

According to our information, the White House didn’t gave any answer yet regarding this matter. Obama might said after a phone call with Kim Jong Il; „Come on guys, April Fools is only one day…“



My judgment was a bit fast. There IS nice music in this country. [youtube bX_o1ZRBe7E nolink] And dont forget to go to #VOTE --



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Orbán v prejave pripomenul povstanie v Budapešti a horlil proti migrácii

23.10.2017 22:25

"Ak sú sloboda a národná nezávislosť stratené, zostávame ešte my," povedal v prejave maďarský premiér Viktor Orbán.

galiziová, malta

Rodina zavraždenej maltskej novinárky sa postavila pred súd

23.10.2017 21:39

Rodine Daphne Caruanovej Galiziovej hrozí pokuta až 11 000 eur.

protesty, výstavba, diaľnica D3

Kysučania si chcú vytrucovať diaľnicu D3, zablokujú aj Poliakov a Čechov

23.10.2017 21:31

Kysučania chcú pokračovať v protestných blokádach za urýchlenú dostavbu diaľnice D3. V novembri sa chystajú zablokovať Svrčinovec.

favela, slum, policia, policajt, rio, brazilia

Brazílska polícia neúmyselne zabila španielsku turistku

23.10.2017 21:13

Niekoľko hodín pred incidentom boli vo favele pri ozbrojenom strete s priekupníkmi drog zranení dvaja policajti.


POZOR: This blog is FICTIONAL. None of the information are true, even sometime based on real event. Do not take it seriously. Our goal is only to make you smile and spend good time. sKatiric, Satire in SK.

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